Creating Five-Star Experiences 
That Last a Lifetime

XPERISUS is a pioneer in crafting 'five-star experiences' throughout Japan, creating a global community of enthusiasts who cherish and celebrate Japanese culture through our high-value-added travel and experiences.

Services Rooted in Our Mission Creating Five-Star Experiences That Last a Lifetime

At XPERISUS, we are dedicated to designing unforgettable five-star experiences that endure for a life time. By enhancing our customers' journey and experiences, we continue to cultivate global advocates of Japan. With a focus on ‘creating experiences’ and ‘marketing experiences,’ we deliver a diverse range of solutions. Our efforts extend beyond catering to the luxury segment in the inbound tourism market; we also collaborate with public sector agencies and corporate partners to elevate their high-value travel and experience offerings.

XPERISUS Exclusive E-Commerce

Offering Unparalleled Experiences,
Just For You. is an exclusive e-commerce platform that collaborates with national tourism resources, leading corporations, and local authorities to provide world-renowned 'five-star experiences.' This platform is utilized not only by individual clients but also by companies with a significant high-net-worth customer base. *Navigate to the introduction page for more details. If interested in our services, please register through the link below.


Recruit We are on the lookout for talent who share our vision of "creating fans of Japan worldwide through high-value-added travel and experiences."


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