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As Japan’s premier Destination Management Company (DMC),
we cater to affluent travel agencies worldwide, delivering unparalleled, high valued travel experiences.

Business Overview


Established in 2017, XPERISUS has been at the forefront of creating ‘unique, high-value experiences’ across Japan, supplying world-class travel encounters to discerning agencies globally. Joining the illustrious Serandipians in November 2023, we now extend our exclusive offerings via our members-only e-commerce platform,, presenting exquisite experiences beyond the reach of the general public.

Confronting Challenges like this?

Seeking Exclusive Experiences

Desiring a Reliable Japanese Partner

XPERISUS: Delivering Unparalleled Private Experiences with a Commitment to Excellence in Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Adopting the ethos of ‘Japan-centric experiences x global quality,’ XPERISUS specializes in crafting private, high-caliber Japanese experiences available through Our stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure prompt, quality arrangements that exceed expectations.



Why Choose XPERISUS?

Pioneering Exclusive 
Experiences for the Affluent

XPERISUS has pioneered hundreds of original, high-valued experiences, with a vision to unveil over 1,000 bespoke plans by 2025.

Tailored Journeys to Match 
Clientele Desires

We craft one-of-a-kind, five-star journeys and experiences attuned to individual interests, budget considerations, previous visits to Japan, and family dynamics.

Collaboration with 
(Since Nov 2023)

Our membership with Serandipians, initiated in November 2023, acknowledges our impressive portfolio of high-value experiences, positioning us as Japan’s third DMC. We continue to bring an array of innovative proposals to our discerning clientele.

Monthly Premieres of 
Exclusive Experiences

XPERISUS delivers a selection of unmatched, high-valued experiences to our members each month. Our newsletters are a gateway to unique journeys, accessible only to our esteemed members’ circle.

Exceptional Service 
Standards via Our SLAs

XPERISUS has instituted a proprietary SLA, elevating the caliber of our arrangement services to meet the sophisticated demands of high-net-worth individuals.

Consistent Dialogue to 
Comprehend Corporate 

Through regular meetings, XPERISUS stays attuned to the evolving needs of our corporate clients, ensuring our proposals remain precisely aligned with their objectives.

Initiative Outcomes

Case 01

Customer from India

The customer rented out a World Heritage Site temple and shrine at night after visiting hours to celebrate a special birthday party with just their family of four. The chief priest took them on a private tour, after which they had a traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner.

Case 02

Customer from Denmark

Although the customer was unfortunately caught in heavy rains, they fully enjoyed the program, going on a special guided tour of Koyasan, having a Michelin plate lunch, and staying overnight at a temple lodge. They gave feedback saying they were very happy with their experience.

Case 03

Customer from America

A married couple that runs a winery chose a program in which they would experience the nature of Yakushima with all five senses. We created a customized, one-of-a-kind plan to suit their preferences, and they enjoyed trekking through the World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima, going on a drive through stunning scenery, and having a delicious meal.

Case 04

Customer from America

The customers—a parent and child—got to fully experience and enjoy the world of Edomae Sushi, from accompanying a VIP sushi chef to source the ingredients outside Tsukiji Fish Market to renting out the entire restaurant for a private Edomae Sushi meal for two, prepared for them by a first-rate sushi chef.

Case 05

Customer from America

A large family spent three weeks traveling together to experience the history, customs, culture, and cuisine of various regions and time periods in Japan. This Japan trip had been No. 1 on the family’s bucket list for some time, and they were very happy with their once-in-a-lifetime experience, saying they left with many wonderful memories.


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