Domestic Sales Division for High-Net-Worth Individuals


Through an exclusive members-only e-commerce site, an exclusive members-only e-commerce site, providing high-value experiences tailored for the affluent demographic residing within Japan. Additionally, we serve as clientele accompanying travel advisors, curating and guiding your journey.

Business Overview


Embracing the mission to create unforgettable five-star experiences, Xperisus meticulously crafts exceptional travel opportunities throughout Japan, designed to enrich the lives of our affluent clientele.

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Quest for a Life-Enhancing Experience

Personalized Travel and 
Experience Advisor

As your trusted advisor in high-value-added travel, we pride ourselves on becoming more attuned to your preferences with each interaction. 

Xperisus serves as your companion travel advisor, providing sensorially expansive and unexpectedly delightful journeys and experiences tailored for those who seek richness in their travels and for those too busy to plan their itineraries. The more you engage with us, the more personalized and fulfilling your travel experiences become.



Why Partner with XPERISUS?

Exclusive Experience 

Xperisus has crafted hundreds of unique experiences for customers, with plans to unveil over a thousand original offerings by 2025.

Bespoke 1-on-1 

Our experiences are intimately tailored, ensuring that every aspect resonates with your personal goals, hobbies, travel style, history, and budget.


Utilizing insights from your previous engagements, Xperisus consistently delivers experiences that become increasingly tailored to your preferences.

Timely Proposals

Expect proactive recommendations from us, arriving six months ahead of your annual travel season or three months before your family celebrations.

Premier Operating 
Standards (Our SLA)

Our expert travel designer, responsive to HNWIs worldwide, operates under a comprehensive Service Level Agreement, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

Deepening Relationships 
through Regular Meetings

Through consistent meetings with our members, Xperisus maintains updated insights to provide timely and relevant proposals. This attentive service is why our membership remains exclusive.

Initiative Outcomes

Culture Experience

Cultural Immersion 
with Heritage Sites

In partnership with World Heritage Sites and national treasures, we facilitate profound cultural experiences that go beyond mere observation to become an integral part of your journey.

Dining Experience

Exclusive Culinary Events: 
One Table, One Day with Renowned Chefs

Xperisus, transcending the usual booking service, collaborates with distinguished chefs, producers, and sake breweries to orchestrate exclusive 'Dining Experiences.' While we typically do not simply secure reservations at elusive restaurants, we do offer a refined culinary journey, limited to one table per day, enhancing the dining experience into an extraordinary event of high-added value and exclusivity.

Art Experience

Artistic Collaborations and 
Night Museums

Xperisus collaborates extensively with numerous art museums, museums, and galleries to offer an 'Art Experience' that blends culture with interactive encounters. We provide exclusive after-hours access to renowned art museums for our 'Night Museum' events, host enchanting 'Yobanashi Tea Gatherings' in the tranquil tea rooms within museums, and partner with contemporary artists to create live art installations. These enhanced experiences add significant value to the Japanese art scene and have been met with high satisfaction from our global clientele.

Adventure Experience

Customized Nature Encounters

Japan is a nation blessed with some of the world's most outstanding natural resources. We offer tailored experiences set against the backdrop of Japan's extraordinary natural beauty — from the superb powder snow of Niseko in Hokkaido and the enchanting 'Kerama Blue' of Okinawa's waters, to the ancient forests of Yakushima scattered with trees over a thousand years old, and the southernmost drift ice of Shiretoko. We craft journeys that resonate with the awe-inspiring nature of these locales, customized to suit the unique preferences of each client.

Edutainment Experience

Educational and Corporate Event Expertise

Xperisus offers a variety of experiences that serve as both educational tools and training opportunities, perfectly tailored to meet specific needs. Our offerings extend beyond trips and experiences for adults; we provide a wide range of 'edutainment' options—where education meets entertainment—that are both insightful for children and enjoyable for adults. Furthermore, we cater to corporate clients with high-quality, high-value travel and experiences, including events and incentive trips. With a commitment to excellence, we've provided these services to numerous corporations, including listed companies, ensuring that all requests are met with bespoke, premium solutions.


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