Domestic Sales Division  for Corporations


We provide bespoke high-value-added experiences and a dedicated concierge service to corporations serving an affluent clientele.

Business Overview


Xperisus wholesales tailor-made travel experiences across Japan to corporations with wealthy client bases, such as credit card companies, private banking sectors, and premier real estate firms. In addition, we offer customer relations office functions to support these services.

Confronting Challenges like this?

Enhancing Member Satisfaction 
and Retention

Attracting and Converting Wealthy 

Xperisus excels in delivering a spectrum of exquisite travel experiences to meet the sophisticated needs of wealthy customers. 

We assist corporate clients by curating travel options that align with their company's brand, their members' profiles, and the preferences of key stakeholders. In addition, we specialize in creating exclusive plans and events for corporate clients and providing a concierge service for customer engagement.



Why Partner with XPERISUS?

Developing Hundreds of 
Original Experiences 
for the Affluent

Xperisus has crafted hundreds of premium experiences and is on track to introduce over 1,000 original plans by 2025.

Tailored Travel Based 
on Member Demographics

We utilize member data such as age, interests, occupation, past event behavior, and spending patterns to offer memorable travel experiences.

Custom Experiences 
for Corporate Clients

Upon request, we personalize experiences to align with corporate branding or product tie-ins, creating unique offerings for your clientele.

Strategic Annual Proposals

Understanding your company's annual milestones, Xperisus proactively suggests relevant travel experiences at optimal times while continuously optimizing through the PDCA cycle.

Superior Management 
System (Proprietary SLAs)

Our responsive travel designer caters to inquiries from wealthy individuals globally, operating under a robust Service Level Agreement.

Regular Client Consultations

We conduct ongoing meetings with corporate clients to keep our proposals timely and relevant.

Initiative Outcomes

Major Credit Card Company

Affluent Market Marketing Division

For a prominent credit card company, we designed exclusive experiences for elite members, enhancing satisfaction and retention by customizing Xperisus' signature offerings.

Leading Bank

Private Banking Division

For a major bank’s private banking division, we curated luxury travel experiences, allowing private bankers to focus on financial services, thereby boosting client contentment and asset retention.

Premier Real Estate Firm

Luxury Residential Division

We provided bespoke experiences for residents of luxury properties, aiming to enhance post-purchase satisfaction and encourage long-term loyalty within the brand's portfolio.

Top Medical Website

New Business Development Division

To enhance the Quality of Life for medical professionals working under high stress, we propose high-value experience plans centered around wellness tailored to their needs. We also provide exclusive one-night experiences in Tokyo and expedite travel times with helicopter transfers for those unable to take extended holidays.

Major Concierge Service Provider

Corporate Business Division

We provide numerous proposals based on our experiences to meet the needs of corporate clients held by concierge companies. For instance, we offer guests from overseas the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese traditional culture as a unique Japan Excursion during breaks in their meetings. We can also develop fully customized experience content tailored to the objectives of your corporation.


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