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Travel & Experience Synergy with Data-Driven Sales Solutions

Xperisus stands at the forefront of crafting and supplying high-value-added experiences, distributing them through global sales channels. Leveraging extensive data, we refine our offerings to create even more captivating experiences, tailored to the most fitting sales avenues. Our integrated approach to production and sales, enriched by data insights, sets us apart as industry leaders.


Our Services

Creating Experiences

Government Consulting Division 

We offer bespoke solutions for government authorities, encompassing the development of luxury experiences and marketing strategies aimed at affluent demographics both domestically and internationally. Our collaborative partnerships have fostered enduring relationships with numerous local authorities, ensuring ongoing success and satisfaction.

Creating Experiences

Corporate Consulting Division 

Anticipating the inbound market's expansion to 60 million visitors and 15 trillion yen by 2030, we provide innovative business development and marketing strategies that capitalize on corporate assets and offerings.

Marketing Experiences 

Domestic Sales Division 
(for HNWI & Corporations)

Our exclusive e-commerce platform, XPERISUS.com, caters to Japan's affluent residents with premium experiences and personalized travel advisory services. We also deliver a suite of specialized solutions for corporations that serve high-net-worth clientele.

Marketing Experiences 

Global Sales Division

As a Destination Management Company (DMC) to offer top-tier experiences towards top luxury travel agencies and concierge service companies, we have launched an exclusive, e-commerce platform site with our more than 300 "five-star experience" contents.


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