Corporate Consulting Division


We deliver comprehensive solutions for companies, including innovative business development and strategic marketing support, enriched by high value-added experiences.

Business Overview


Targeting the burgeoning market of international visitors, projected to expand to 60 million individuals and generate 15 trillion yen annually by 2030, our suite of solutions leverages corporate assets and commercial products to propel new business ventures and bolster marketing initiatives.

Confronting Challenges like this?

Aspiring for the High-Net-Worth Market?

Eyeing the Inbound Tourism Sector?

We address these challenges by crafting bespoke solutions centered 
on high-value-added experiences and travel.

Xperisus has curated an extensive portfolio of elite experiences, successfully marketed to affluent travel and concierge services worldwide. We draw on this wealth of expertise to assist companies in overcoming the aforementioned challenges through innovative business and marketing strategies.



Why Partner with XPERISUS?

Exclusive Access to Premier Tourist Resources

We offer immediate access to Japan's most sought-after A-list tourism resources, bringing to fruition the visionary projects your company seeks.

Mastery in Crafting 
High-Value-Added Journeys

Our tailored high-value-added experiences and holiday packages are developed to meet corporate demands within 4-6 months. We provide an all-encompassing service, from concept design and website creation to the development of sales channels.

Operational Excellence 
(Our SLA)

Our dedicated travel designer is equipped to handle inquiries from HNWIs worldwide, operating under a stringent Service Level Agreement (SLA) that sets industry benchmarks.

Sales Channels Targeting 
Japan's Elite

Our exceptional experiences and holiday packages are marketed through XPERISUS’ own network and affiliated corporations with HNWI clientele.

Global Outreach to HNWIs

We extend our reach globally, partnering with elite travel agencies and concierge services to distribute high-value-added experiences.

Proven Track Record with 
Prominent Corporations

Our solutions have been adopted by a multitude of enterprises, including publicly traded companies, culminating in a robust portfolio of successful projects.

Initiative Outcomes

Toyota Motor Corporation

Development and Management of the Touch Japan Journey Offered by LEXUS

We provide development and operational support for the 'Touch Japan Journey', an immersive travel experience offered by LEXUS that allows you to connect with the allure of Japan. We propose the pinnacle of travel experiences that can be enjoyed by LEXUS owners and non-owners alike.


Collaborative Development and 
Management of Premium Journeys in Partnership with GQ Japan

In partnership with GQ JAPAN, we launched the 'GQ Premium Experience-Travel' in 2020, a luxury domestic travel concept designed for 'The Ultimate Journey for Two'. Initially offered to GQ Japan's readers, these exclusive experience packages in Toyama, Hiroshima, and Kitakyushu are now available to inbound tourists.

Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Development and Management of 
High-Value Experiences around the World Heritage Site 'Mount Koya'.

In partnership with Nankai Electric Railway and the Kansai Innovation Centre, we've created premium experiences centered around the World Heritage Site of Koyasan, involving Kongobuji Temple and numerous traditional temple lodgings. Our service was launched in July 2022.

Shochiku Co., Ltd.

Development and Management of High-Value Theatrical Experiences in Golden Gai

In partnership with Shochiku Co., Ltd., we've crafted the 'Ghost Night Tour in Golden St.,' a theatrical bar-hopping adventure set in the vibrant backdrop of Kabukicho's Golden Gai. Launched in 2019, this experience introduces immersive theater to tourism, enhancing the entertainment value and offering a novel venture that blends storytelling with a tour of the iconic nightlife scene.

Panasonic Holdings Corporation

Next-Generation Tourism: 
AR-Enhanced Mobility Ride 

In collaboration with Panasonic Holdings Corporation and the Kansai Innovation Center, we have conducted a proof of concept for a next-generation tourism experience. This innovative project combines the thrill of mobility rides with the immersive guidance provided by AR glasses, paving the way for a new era of engaging and sensory-rich travel.


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