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We offer bespoke solutions for government entities focused on developing and marketing sophisticated, high-value travel and experiences for affluent individuals, both domestically and internationally.

Business Overview


XPERISUS provides a range of solutions for local authorities along two primary dimensions: the creation and commercialization of high-value travel and experiences. We've partnered with numerous local governments, including the Hiroshima Tourism Association and the Osaka Convention and Visitors Bureau, to develop and market premier travel experiences to their target audiences within Japan and beyond.

Confronting Challenges like this?

Creation of High-Value-Added Journeys

Marketing High-Value-Added Travel

XPERISUS excels in the development and sales of high-value experiences
in collaboration with governmental bodies.

Having crafted and marketed numerous exclusive experiences tailored for high-net-worth individuals, we bring our extensive knowledge and expertise to assist local governments in creating appealing tourism products and promotional strategies. With our experience in consulting on over 2,000 tourism products and robust connections with over 1,000 affluent members globally, we are poised to deliver unparalleled solutions.



Why Partner with XPERISUS?

Developing and Refining Hundreds of High-Value Experiences

To date, XPERISUS has curated a multitude of premium experiences, with the ambition to release over 1,000 original plans by 2025.

with Local Governments

Our involvement spans numerous projects with local governments, addressing their unique strategies and challenges through the creation of high-value experiences.

Consulting on a Wealth 
of Experiences

With our experience reviewing and advising on over 2,000 tourism products, we've honed our expertise to an unmatched level.

Offering to Over 1,000 
Affluent Travel Companies

Our marketing endeavors extend to notifying and collaborating with affluent travel corporations worldwide, leveraging business meetings to maximize outreach.

DMC Services 
for Global High Net 
Worth Clients

As a DMC, we cater to the demands of affluent travel agencies abroad, providing end-to-end support that extends beyond the sale.

Ongoing Optimization 
through PDCA

Through our sales and marketing activities, we continually gather insights and feedback, implementing the PDCA cycle for ongoing enhancement of our services.

Initiative Outcomes

Hiroshima Tourism Association

Planning and Development Support 
for High-Value Experiences for the 
Affluent Market

We've partnered with the Hiroshima Tourism Association since FY2020 to develop premium experiences for affluent visitors, with over 90 contents now distributed globally through our channels.

Osaka Convention and Visitors Bureau

Planning and Development Support 
for High-Quality Wide-Area Tour 
Routes Originating in Osaka

Since 2021, we have been supporting the planning and development of 'premium wide-area touring routes' that start in Osaka and send inbound tourists to a broader area, embodying the 'Osaka Gateway Concept,' which is one of Osaka Prefecture's tourism strategies.

Hiroshi & Miyako Alliance

Planning and Development Support 
for High-Value Package Tours 
Connecting Kyoto City and 
Hiroshima Prefecture

In 2022, as part of the 'Hiroshima-Kyoto Alliance' formed between the Hiroshima Tourism Association (HIT) and the Kyoto City Tourism Association (DMO KYOTO), we supported the development of high-value experience package programs that connect Hiroshima Prefecture and Kyoto City. This initiative aimed to create and unearth tourism products with common thematic significance across both regions.

Hiroshima tourism association

Managing the 'HYPP' Platform for Tourism Product Development

Since 2022, we have been at the helm of the HYPP project in Hiroshima, a platform aimed at generating enthusiastic support for innovative tourism products. This initiative is designed to secure funding, facilitate learning, create connections, and promote public relations. We are actively building a framework for the development of self-sustaining tourism products by involving hundreds of operators from both the tourism sector and beyond

Numerous Local Governments

Marketing & Awareness Platform for Overseas Luxury Travel Agencies

Our platform enables the announcement of exquisite experiences to affluent travel agencies worldwide, supporting local governments and providers who have yet to market their high-value offerings.


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