XPERISUS Joins 'Serandipians', a European Consortium for Luxury Travel Targeting HNWIs/UHNWIs

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XPERISUS, Inc. (hereinafter “XPERISUS”) is pleased to announce its membership in a consortium for the luxury travel industry catering to the affluent, primarily based in Europe. This consortium comprises travel agencies and suppliers handling high-value-added travel.

With this membership, XPERISUS became the third Japanese organization to join Serandipians in the division of 'TRAVEL SUPPLIERS (DMC).'

The 'TRAVEL SUPPLIERS' division is a community network made up of suppliers offering luxury travel and hospitality to "High-Net-Worth Individual(HNWI)" and “Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual(UHNWI)”, including luxury hotels, private villas, and private jets. This division has over 800 suppliers worldwide.

Organizations who join Serandipians gain access to direct dealings with other member companies that are experienced in serving HNWIs/UHNWIs, and earn the opportunity to share and receive the latest industry information.

By leveraging this new membership, XPERISUS aims to accelerate the provision of exclusive and high-value experience programs and contents related to Japan's national treasures, World Heritage sites, and traditional performing arts, and continue to cater to both domestic and international HNWIs/UHNWIs.


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