XPERISUS to Launch New Corporate Brand and Website under the Concept of “Expansion of Sensibility”

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XPERISUS Inc., a Japanese startup which creates and offers unique, "five-star" travel contents exclusively for high end customers, is pleased to announce the renewal of our corporate brand and our website, under the concept of “Expansion of Sensibility”.

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<Thoughts into our new corporate brand>
Travel is a series of experiences. By encountering the unknown and discovering something new, travel makes our lives more prosperous. 

In Japan, while there are numerous "three-star restaurants" and "five-star hotels," few companies consistently create "five-star experiences." Our business is to establish "five-star experiences," by proposing "new ways to enjoy Japan" and providing new ideas, insights, and wisdom. We cater to "High-Net-Worth Individual" and “Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individual”, especially those who are willing to invest in the "intangible values" of travel and experiences. We create and offer exclusive, high-value experience programs and contents related to Japan's national treasures, World Heritage sites, and traditional arts.

Our strength lies in planning "five-star" level contents, the wide network within the industry, and its data-driven approach to refining its contents. We aim to provide experiences that surpass peoples' imaginations, breaking the mold, and offering life-changing special experiences.

<Corporate Logo and Symbol Mark Renewal>

With the refinement of our brand strategy, we have renewed our brand logo to better express the essence of XPERISUS.

Focusing on the concepts of “stop (tome)”, “upward brushstroke (hane)”, and “sweeping (harai)” found in hiragana and kanji, which have a long history in Japan, we have incorporated Japan's unique sentimentality and sophistication into our brand logo. Furthermore, the symbol mark has been renewed based on the silver ratio, used in Japan's oldest wooden structures, expressing the essential beauty of Japan.

<Comment from Tomoyoshi Maruyama, CEO of XPERISUS>
This renewal of our brand has been an excellent opportunity to redefine the image we want to achieve and be recognized for by our clients and customers.

XPERISUS is a company which provides the intangible assets of travel and experiences. We believe it's crucial to express the 'value' we cherish and want our customers to feel it through the refinement of our unique experiences and messages.

In this renewal, we have redefined the core values of the brand itself, and we are still in the process of updating our VI(Visual Identity) and Service Introduction Page(Landing Page). XPERISUS will continue to explore the optimal design for the 'value' we want our customers to feel.

With the refinement of our brand strategy, we have renewed our brand logo to better express the essence of XPERISUS.


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